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Six-Session Intensive

Beginning December 14

Every Other Saturday

1 – 4 pm

Location:  Asheville, NC (Oakley Area)


Cost: $500 per couple

No upcoming events at the moment

Do you long to love and be loved authentically?

Are you ready to transform your life and your love relationship?

Do you want to stop playing games and love from an open and powerful heart?


"Who's Running Your Life?" is a simple, straight forward approach to reclaim your personal power and explore enlightenment.  This program offers insights and specific tools as you transcend your past to live filled with peace, joy, and purpose.  From that place of authentic power, you are ready to embrace authentic love and intimacy with your beloved.

"Who's Running Your Life?" offers a unique and powerful perspective that will enhance your experiences with other types of couples work (i.e., therapy, counseling, couples' awareness programs).

All couples committed to growth individually and together are welcomed to join us--regardless of the length of their relationship, marital status, or gender.   

Participants are:

  • Couples inspired and willing to explore authentic intimacy with their committed partner.

  • Significantly engaged and committed to the personal work necessary to move past the limitations blocking their authentic joy--both individually and as a couple.

  • Willing to be vulnerable, honest, open, and strong in the face of change.

  • Open to explore a full range of options for their relationship, without preconceived attachment or investment to what authentic intimacy with their partner looks like.

  • Eager to shine a light on their personal growth as they explore their relationship.




  • This is a very experiential intensive--offering specific guidance and suggestions for the participants as individuals and as part of a committed couple. 

  • This journey will include six sessions, three hours each, every other week (on Saturdays), 1-4 pm (with accommodation for the upcoming holiday season).

  • Before the intensive begins, each participant will be asked to complete a brief survey, exploring the issues they wish to address during this experience.

  • Each session will focus on specific points--addressing the concerns and growth of the individuals and couples participating.

  • Between sessions, participants are encouraged to explore their personal experiences and relationship through the "Who's Running Your Life? paradigm. 

  • Each participant will receive a printed copy of "Who's Running Your Life?" and relevant supplemental materials during the intensive.

  • Participants are limited to five couples.

  • Location--Oakley area of Asheville, NC (specific address will be provided upon registration).


Private Facebook Group:

  • A private Facebook group is available for participants to engage with each other during this 12-week journey--share insights, experiences, and/or pose questions for feedback/exploration from the group.

  • Every Wednesday, by end of the day, participants may tag the facilitators (Essie Silvers and/or Curt Silvers) in a specific post asking for feedback or insight.  Essie and/or Curt will respond to all specific requests posted in the forum by end of the day the following Friday.

For more information contact or 828-470-1579

Curt-n-Essie cropped.jpg

Essie Silvers is the creator of the "Who’s Running Your Life?" program—offering practical spirit-led consulting services—meeting you where you are and helping transcend the wounds of the past and fears of the future to reclaim your innate power and connect to your Divine wisdom.


Curt Silvers is an avid enthusiast of life and love, offering a powerful perspective and passion for life. Not willing to accept mere survival, he has transcended life-threatening challenges to live authentically and with great passion. 

After experiencing their own failed marriages before meeting, Essie and Curt actively employ these principals in their 21-year relationship.  They have overcome extreme hardship and life-altering challenges—resulting in an enduring and authentic love.

Client Testimonial

"My partner and I had been single for many years, so when we came together, it was an opportunity to look at all of our unconscious beliefs about relationships.  The “Who’s Running Your Life?” paradigm has helped us sort out what was real and what was coming from the part of our mind that was relying on what we always thought relationships are supposed to be like.  Understanding this paradigm helped me know what to say and how to say it.  I know when to wait until I can engage the part of myself that can communicate clearly and lovingly—regardless of the issue—instead of responding from old patterns that can create conflict and misunderstanding.  Now, when we encounter a problem, we know to step back and engage in some search talk, “What part of me is engaged or invested in this issue?”  “Can this wait until later?” or more specifically, “Is this related to what happened on Tuesday?”  In conjunction with couple’s therapy, this paradigm has proven to be a valuable tool for exploration and understanding of ourselves individually and as a couple.  This helps move the fear aside, lift the veils blocking our authentic awareness, and allows us to communicate with each other from a place of love.  Our relationship grows in love and intimacy every day."

Nancy Gray, Michigan

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