Favorite Resources

Below are links to several resources I highly recommend. 

Take your time to check out their offerings.

Almond Tree Flowers

Michael is a remarkable intuitive, spiritual mentor, and Akashic Records consultant.  Meeting his clients where they are, Michael offers practical and inspired support to those seeking guidance to clear their traumas and embrace their fully empowered selves.

Perelandra Center 
for Nature Research


Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra, has developed remarkably comprehensive and useful tools for healing and transformation.  

In addition to the full range of offerings, be sure to check out the Medical Assistance Program, Emergency Trauma Solution+, and Essence of Perelandra.  

Barrie Barton
Stand and Deliver


Barrie Barton offers insightful, personalized guidance as you find your voice.  She offers workshops and personal coaching to help you develop, hone, and deliver your message with precision and grace.  

Barrie's work is perfect for those who are new to public speaking as well as those who are seasoned professionals.

Additional Resources
to be added soon

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