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What Clients Say

I went to Essie for help deciding which of my part-times jobs I should focus on.  I left with a plan for creating my own business!  Sessions are creative, insightful, and energizing.  She has a remarkable ability to hold space."

Nancy Gray

Traverse City, MI

"To be in session with Essie is to realize one's authentic self.  I not only felt at one with Universal energy, but afterward was able to feel at one with the world around me."

Martha Kerr

Powell, OH

I find Essie Silvers' Kid/Adult paradigm to be a wonderful way to clearly remind myself that we have opportunities and choices about how we live our lives.  Her trainings are full of information that I continue to use for myself and my clients.

Katlin Hecox, LMFT    Santa Fe, NM 

"Essie is naturally cheerful, and in regard to her work is the most enthusiastic human being I have ever met."

Beulah Williamson

Glen Burnie, MD

"A coach, mentor, facilitator--Essie has helped me tap into the reality of who I really am and what I choose to do with that reality."

Lorraine Waddell

Baltimore, MD

"My work with Essie Silvers and the Running Your Life program has helped me immeasurably in both my personal life and my career.  Personally, I have been able to satisfactorily solve a relationship issue that has bothered me for years, and professionally, I have finally taken steps to claim my dream job – something I never before believed I could accomplish without great sacrifice.


Through learning to operate within Essie’s Kid/Adult paradigm, I am starting to view challenges as gifts with a purpose to help me move forward. Her writing style is engaging and simple to follow, and clearly explains a concept that could, for some, be confusing or difficult to process."

Gina Smith

Asheville, NC

"My son did a session with Essie to help him handle a difficult situation he was having at school.  She supported him in listening to his guides, whom he called fairies, in a way that was so fun he couldn't wait to come back for the next session.  After his session, he was so happy that the original problem was forgotten.  Now he has some simple strategies to handle conflicts that are easy to do and spiritually-based."

Grace Sheppard

Santa Fe, NM

Working with Essie helped me uncover deep, unconscious patterns that held me back--exposing things kept me stuck.  I have been able to understand why certain issues scared me so much and how to move past them.

John Mathews

Cleveland, OH

"I experience the Kid/Adult paradigm in all aspects of life, with every relationship and with the conversations I have with myself.  But I find it most useful with my relationship with my children and my husband.  It has helped me identify and avoid anger induced conflict.  I'm able to really identify when my Kid is in during stressful moments and stop the cycle before it gets worse.


I’ve always dealt with power struggles with my husband and had been fearful of his dominating personality.  The Kid/Adult paradigm has lifted the veil of fear and helped me reclaim my power in the relationship.  I've become an equal to him and I am no longer afraid of facing the issues that used to cause me so much pain.

My life has improved immensely!  It has been truly transformative.  I have a much deeper understanding of where my emotions are coming from and why.  Because of this, I can really check myself and know if I'm approaching something in my Kid-mind.  Having the knowledge allows me to stop, think, and change my perspective and my approach to dealing with both internal challenges and relationship challenges.


An understanding about the “games” being played by mankind today—the Hierarchy, Transition, and Improvisation games—have given me a much clearer picture of how we are moving forward on a global scale.  It has given me hope when I see larger movements happening.  It has empowered me to know that I do not have to play into hierarchies.


The book is extremely personable, down-to-earth, and inherently wise.  It is so simple and relatable that it provides an immediate sense of relief that it can be mastered!  I would absolutely recommend this book to most folks who are open to the general idea that the universe supports us, and that we create our realities with what we put out there.  I would recommend it because it is so effective and works for every situation, big or small in our lives." 

Carly Esslinger

Asheville, NC

"I love the Kid/Adult paradigm!  Unlike many other paradigms, the Kid/Adult quickly guides you to an authentic way of being and acting that moves relationships, work or personal, forward positively.  It is a breath of fresh air!  What a relief not to have to analyze what type someone is and then to remember how to interact with that type.  Just Kid or Adult.  


The Kid/Adult approach to life has freed my head from many struggles to understand situations and allowed me to use my time effectively and joyfully. Can you tell I love Kid/Adult?


Reading about the Hierarchy, Transition, and Improvisational games was also a life changer for me.  The Hierarchy never made sense to me, even as a young child.  I could not understand why anyone was participating in it, except for those at the top who were gaining a lot of power and money.  Power and money did not exactly make sense to me either, so I had no desire to be at the top of that game.  Reading about the Transition made me feel for the first time that I was not looking at the world cross-eyed.  The Transition made sense because I was living it and now, I was not living it alone.  Oh, what a treasure to find others in the Transition to be companions on the road of my authentic life!  My soul has expanded with connections and joy. "

Jean Larson

Sandy Mush, NC

I met Essie at a pivotal moment.   Something new was coming to the fore but I lacked clarity and self-confidence.  I didn’t trust my intuition.  Essie told me about the Kid/Adult paradigm and pieces started falling in place.  Then we did a couple of sessions and we identified blocks—limiting beliefs, old stories that weren’t serving me, blocks to my creative energy.  She helped me get in touch with my kid.  I listened to my kid and provided her with reassurances and a safe place to stay, so I could run my life, not her.  Essie has the ability to hold space so you can do your work.  She doesn’t do it for me, but she listens, withholds judgement, asks guiding questions, and adds pertinent information to help me make decisions.  I could still be flailing about but thankfully, Essie appeared!  Her work on Kid/Adult and book, Who’s Running Your Life, are life changing.  Her love for her work and for humanity is palpable.  She’s a true gift to me.

Angie Buxton,

Mills River, NC

The kid and Adult paradigm as explained in the WRYL handbook is an easy way to identify the struggle within us. As we are faced with many changeless and emotions, remembering the Kid/Adult paradigm helps root oneself in the positive mindset. The language and imagery of the handbook and make comprehension of the Kid/Adult paradigm easy to identify and relate to.

      My wife and I have been faced with several life challenges, both together in life and separate. As we learned to read the differences between Kid and Adult mindsets, we are able to accept and conquer many of life’s challenges. When you learn and understand this paradigm you can channel your Adult resulting overcoming challenges with right mindset and focus of energy. “Challenges become more achievable.”

      Additionally, the Kid/Adult paradigm redefines our placement and acceptance of life’s Hierarchy, real and/or perceived. Being able to use the concept in WRYL handbook allows oneself channel the needed energy and focus your energy to move within Hierarchy, transition, and Improvisation games. This focus of Mind, Body and Sprite can lead to a strong self awareness and ability to over come adversity. We recommend this book to everyone who needs help overcoming internal struggles with adversity.

 David and Thais Wagner

Asheville, NC

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