Love and Peace Concourse Meditations

Together, we can create the world we wish to live in.  As a collective force of love and peace, we WILL affect powerful, dynamic, and loving change to create the world we wish to live in.  I invite you to participate in 30-minute love and peace meditations to help support harmony and wholeness in our world.   We know that the outcome of the upcoming election in the United States has ramifications throughout the world, so we will meditate on behalf of all beings.


We will be holding this space on Zoom several times until the November 3 election and weekly thereafter. You are encouraged to participate as often as you are called. Please invite others who you know will resonate with this mission of peace to join us.


Meditation Schedule

Friday, Oct 30, 6:00 pm EDT

Sunday, Nov 1, 3:00 pm EST

Tuesday, Nov 3, 10:00 am EST


Recurring Zoom Link:

Passcode: Love


I will be online at least 15 minutes before each meditation.

Please join before the appointed time to make sure your sound and video are working properly.


Here is the intention we are focusing on:


Holding Love and Peace in the World


The Intention
As we come together in love, we are exponentially powerful. This gathering of meditation and intention actively supports a reality of love and compassion in the world.


The Meditation
We live in love, light, and abundance.
Humanity is one.
We are each whole, sovereign, and free.
In our own wholeness, we align with others.
Peace is found within and embraces all the world.
We embrace uniqueness and diversity, respecting all paths.
We are each the best that we can be.
We serve each other in alignment with our highest good.
We practice faithfulness to the earth, protecting nature.
We are satisfied, vital, and aware.
Truth, love, and joy flourish in our world.


Together, we are an unstoppable force for change.  Please join us.  Please invite others who wish to hold this vision in their hearts.     


With blessings and gratitude,  Essie