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Healing/Love and Peace Concourse Meditations

Together, we create the world live in.  As a collective force of love and peace, we CAN and DO affect powerful, dynamic, and loving change.  I invite you to participate in these 30-minute meditations to help support harmony and wholeness in our world.   


We are holding this space on Zoom twice a week. You are encouraged to participate as often as you are called. Please invite others whom you know will resonate with this mission of peace to join us.


Meditation Schedule *

Mondays @ 2 pm, Healing and Wholeness

Wednesdays @ 4:00 pm, One World Love and Peace

Saturdays @ 10:00 am, One World Love and Peace

* all times are EST 

Recurring Zoom Link:

Passcode: Love


I will be online at least 15 minutes before each meditation.

Please join before the appointed time to make sure your sound and video are working properly.

Together, we are an unstoppable force for change.  Please join us.  Please invite others who wish to hold this vision in their hearts.     


With blessings and gratitude,  Essie


Holding Love and Peace in the World

We live in love, light, and abundance.
Humanity is one.
We are each whole, sovereign, and free.
In our own wholeness, we align with others.
Peace is found within and embraces all the world.
We embrace uniqueness and diversity, respecting all paths.
We are each the best that we can be.
We serve each other in alignment with our highest good.
We practice faithfulness to the earth, protecting nature.
We are satisfied, vital, and aware.
Truth, love, and joy flourish in our world.


Peaceful Resolution of the 2020 United States Elections

And Inauguration Day – January 20, 2021

There is a peaceful, fair, graceful, and easy transition of power resulting from the 2020 US Elections.


The inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris proceeds peacefully and safely.   They are both protected by a sacred shield.  They are embraced as the rightfully elected President and Vice-President of the United States by all.  They are visibly and audibly supported throughout (including the media, Senators, Representatives, and all legal authorities and politicians in both political parties).


There is strong, adequate protection for all politicians and public servants.  Our National Guard, Secret Service, and other protectors are loyal to the Office of the President, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all other elected officials.


This inauguration implants a vibration of peace and purpose.  All citizens feel heard in our democratic society.  This inauguration ignites a celebration of the beginning of a new era—creating an authentic shift to grace.


Politicians and government officials actively support our democracy--bringing a sense of service for the whole.  All energies are in alignment with love, peace, and wholeness for all of humanity.  All citizens embrace the evolution of humanity, our country, and the world-wide community.


Integrity and justice prevail.  The people’s welfare is truly represented.  The truth is empowered, recognized, and embraced.


A sacred calm, relief, and resolution embrace all beings in this country—entering the chakras and energy field of the United States and its people (particularly the heart chakra).  As the heart chakra of the United States and the heart chakras of its people open, minds also open in alignment with love and peace.


All citizens in this country and around the world, celebrate with the United States as we come into balance and begin a new era of peace, love, and fairness.  Everyone wins!


We let go of all conscious and unconscious resistance, discomfort, limiting thoughts and beliefs, emotional and physical fatigue.  We release our attachment to the outcome.  We are connected to our highest light source and we trust in the truth of the highest light reality. 


We are safe.  We have unlimited energy and guidance.

Trust, Recognition, Surrender, and Serenity prevail.

Our reality easily and gracefully reflects this or better. 

Right be.­­

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