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How I got here,

the kinds of work I do

and who I work with...

During most of my life, I coped with decades of acute depression, chronic pain, and illness.  Today, I am happy, healthy, content, in love, and filled with joy.  What happened?  Well, metaphorically speaking, I got the rug pulled out from beneath my feet. 


Eventually, I came to understand I was experiencing the world through a series of veils and assumptions that simply were not accurate.  I spent many years unraveling the tapestry of my experiences to create a life I love and I developed the "muscles" required to live it with passion and purpose.  I came home to myself.  I remembered who I am.  I reclaimed my power.  

Of course, this didn't happen overnight and it wasn't easy.  It required me to let go of everything I thought I knew so I would have the "space" in my being-ness to learn a different way to live.  That information is now contained in the "Who's Running Your Life?" program and outlined in the book with that title.  It is the foundation of every breath I take and every move I make. 


Essie Silvers

I employ a wide range of modalities, depending on what is going on in your life and what you want to accomplish in our work together.  Your work with me may include:

  • Akashic Records sessions and healing

  • Conscious channeling (with your Soul, spirit guides, and others who have crossed over)

  • Regression/ancestral/family of origin clearing 

  • Energy healing/Matrix Energetics/repatterning 

  • Purging/cord cutting old patterns and traumas

  • Intention setting and calibration

  • Practical, spirit-led business and organizational consulting 

  • Property clearing, rebalancing, and blessing 

  • Meditation, visualization, affirmation 

  • Kinesiology (muscle testing) 

  • Flower essences (including personalized balances) 

  • Sound healing (music, therapeutic harp, and drums) 

  • Movement

  • Drawing 

  • Writing

My clients include:  

  • ​Anyone who wants to explore the strategies and options for living and working as a fully empowered being

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations 

  • Individuals dealing with intense life challenges and change 

  • Couples looking for new ways to experience emotional intimacy (married, committed, or separating with love) 

  • Individuals coping with illness and seeking empowering options for healing, in addition to other traditional and medical modalities 

  • Adults recovering from sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse--in conjunction with formal therapeutic support.

  • Parents coping with the challenges of raising children in today's stress-filled, screen-obsessed culture

  • Children and teens dealing with challenges -- adjusting to change or bullying (as an adjunct to other therapeutic/occupational/developmental treatments)

If this kind of work resonates with you and you want to know more, please reach out.  I'd love to know what makes you happy and how to help you create more of it in your life.  

Welcome home!  Joy also awaits you.  With blessings and love,  Essie

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