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Passions, Follies, & Loves

Wednesday's harvest from the Oakley comm

Avid Gardener and Activist for Food Security
I am a passionate organic gardener.  I had the pleasure of serving as the manager of the Oakley Community Garden in Asheville, NC  (a 34-bed no-till organic garden).  Our mission was to grow wonderful food, teach gardening techniques to the community, and provide free organic produce to the people in our community who needed it the most.  I was also one of the founders and Assistant Director of the Oakley Farmers Market for several years.  

Clown and Puppeteer
As a young adult, I learned the arts of clowning and puppeteering while working at the Social Security Administration in Baltimore, MD.  Believe it or not, there was a group called the Social Security Clown Club.  We volunteered our time at a variety of chartable functions in the area.  We were also called upon to perform several times at White House events like the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Annual Diplomatic Children’s Party, and one of President Jimmy Carter’s “get-to-know-Congress” gatherings on the White House lawn. 

Colorful Clown Balloon
Emergency Vehicles

Volunteer Paramedic and Firefighter
As a young woman I served as a volunteer paramedic in Baltimore County, Maryland.  In those days, paramedics were also required to qualify as firefighters.  While the training was intense and very empowering, I left the fighting of fires to others and focused my energies on the emergency medical needs of our community.

Learned to Fly
For about five years in the 1990’s, I kept “hearing” a voice in my head say, “get your pilot’s license.”  Since I had absolutely no interest in flying airplanes, I continued to ignore this particular suggestion that literally came out of thin air.  In spite of my lack of interest in flying, I finally thought to ask “Why?”  The answer was swift: “You need to know you can be supported by that which you cannot see.”  Turns out air is what actually holds aircraft up.  I started flying lessons a few days after that insight.  Later, when my life included disabling illness, I did indeed rely on the knowledge that I was supported by that which I could not see.


Flying Paper Airplane

Devoted Pet Lover
My husband, Curt, and I have shared our lives with several beloved furry loved ones.   I respect all life and am especially grateful to the companion animals who let us share their lives.


Since I don’t have children, my life lacked the presence of grandchildren.  It is my honor and privilege to be adopted by as an “in-town” grandmother.  My life is immeasurably enriched by the presence of Basil (now a handsome and amazing young man living in Traverse City, MI) and Rowyn and Emil (who live here in Asheville).  Having these young marvels and their amazing mom’s in my life is an enduring blessing to me. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies
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