What Happens in a Session

and How to Prepare

Meditation by the Sea

What is it like to work with you?


  • The point of this work is to help you lift any veils that obstruct your vision and personal insight.  

  • We may utilize several modalities during your session, depending on the issues you wish to address.

  • I serve as a liaison between you, your Soul, and your Spirit Guides. 

  • I am a conscious channel.  My voice will remain the same and I will not go into a trance. 

  • You may naturally feel a of bit apprehension that things are going to change in your life.  Trust they will always change in alignment with your greatest good and highest light.


How should I prepare for my session?


  • Begin by centering and reflect on the issues for which you are seeking guidance.  You may want to give yourself several days for issues to arise in your awareness.  

  • Make a list of your questions and concerns.  Be as specific as possible.

  • Before your session, review your list and put it in priority order.  

  • Please have this list available as we begin your session.  

  • Your questions can vary from the profound to the seemingly mundane. 

  • Don't hesitate to seek guidance on any issue. 

  • We will be working with diverse and powerful energies.  

  • Please eat something grounding before we begin. 


What if my questions change or I get an answer before the session?


  • Once you make an appointment, you set an intention with the Universe and your spirit guides begin aligning with both of us for your session.  

  • Pay attention to insights and questions that arise.  

  • Often, between the time someone makes an appointment and their actual session, the issue/s they originally wanted to address change or resolve--opening them to deeper levels of insight and resolution.

  • If this happens, simply revise your list before your session, so we can begin where you are at that point.  


What happens in a session?


  • At every point in this process, you are in charge.  Your experience is sacred.  Anything we discuss will be held in the highest integrity and confidence.

  • When we begin, I will ask you for the "headlines" or main topics you wish to address.  

  • I will use that information to open a balanced vortex of energy, called a Light Activation Vortex.  

  • We will center using the Alignment Meditation.

  • I will open your Akashic Records with you.  

  • At that point, your spirit guides may have some opening remarks to offer you or they may want to go right to your questions.  

  • At the end of the session, we will close the Akashic Records and the Light Activation Vortex.  

  • Then we will separate our energy fields from anyone else you were connected to in the session and between you and me.


What if I have questions about other people in my life?


  • We can access information about other people to the extent their lives intersect with yours.  

  • If you have questions about other individuals, please have their full names (first, middle, last), if possible.  


Can I get guidance about my business or job?


  • We can access information about businesses and organizations you are involved in.

  • Your business and/or the company you work for has a collection of nature intelligences that created and maintains it and spiritual guardians in the Akashic Records that guides you in relationship to that organization.

  • You can gain guidance to help co-create a wide range of areas, including business strategies, strategic planning, personnel, and organizational development.


Can I get information myself from the Akashic Records?


  • Absolutely!  You probably have been doing so all your life in various ways.

  • My job is to guide you by creating the energetic field, holding the space for you, and helping you interpret the information clearly.


What if I don’t understand an answer I get in a session?


  • I will help translate the information and answers on your behalf.   

  • If you desire, I also can help you get clear messages from your guides directly.  

  • Feel free to ask any questions you wish during your session, about issues in your life and/or the process.  


What outcomes can I expect by doing a session?


Results of session work varies greatly depending on the issues you bring to the table.

Here are some of the results clients have experienced:


  • Lifting the veils that block your direct access to your Soul’s power and purpose.

  • Insight into deep pain points in your life that result from trauma early in life or that has carried over through ancestral lines and/or past life experiences.

  • Healing and clearing of those deep wounds, both energetically and physically.

  • Physical changes and healing.

  • Clarity about your purpose, direction, and tangible guidance about how to move forward in that direction.

  • Clarity about a business or organizational issue.

  • Problem solving and resolution of issues.

  • Cutting through the crap to create the life you want.


How long is a session and how much does it cost?


  • Most first sessions take 1-2 hours.

  • Follow-up sessions can be scheduled for one hour or more.

  • Sessions cost $150 per hour, prorated for partial hours for sessions running more than one hour (15-minute blocks).


Can I record the session?


Yes, you are welcomed and encouraged to record the sessions.  Most clients who do so use a recorder app on their smart phones.  You can also use a recorder if you wish.  If we are working via video chat, I will record the session for you and forward it to you.


Final Thoughts


When you set an intention to have a session and especially when you make an appointment, a collection of Nature Intelligences (called a Deva) forms to support your intention.  We will be working consciously with those and other energies to co-create your experience in the Unified Field.


I look forward to travelling with you as you explore the possibilities to transform your life and transcend your challenges to create a life that reflects your highest light and deepest heart desires.