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Who's Running Your Life? Program



Do you want to transform your life?

Are you ready to stop playing games and reclaim your power?

Do you long to go “home”?

The Who's Running Your Life? program was developed to help individuals recognize the Divinity in themselves and in others.   With that deep knowing, we offer you options and guidance as you remember who you are and reclaim your ultimate power.


  • Recognize you are already powerful in the world.

  • Be and live in the present moment.

  • Experience what your life can be like when you know you are always supported by the Universe and are never alone.

  • Put the experiences of your past into a useful perspective; identify and use the skills you have gained along the way.

  • Make decisions and take actions based on the knowledge that you are safe and not based on a perceived need for safety and security.

  • Live on your personal “Trust Fund” – trust the Universe is 100 percent for you every nanosecond of every day.

  • Know everything that happens, ultimately happens for you, not to you—and your Soul has agreed to it.  Even though you may never know the reason, you can trust it is alignment with your Soul’s intent.

  • Live as if you have all the time in the world!

"Who's Running Your Life?" is a simple, straight forward approach to reclaiming your personal power and enlightenment. This program offers insights and specific tools to manage the obstacles you face as you strive to remember who you really are and reclaim your authentic power.

This program focuses on three aspects of human beings: the Kid, the Adult, and the Soul. The Kid focuses on safety, security, survival, and monitoring the goodwill of others. The Adult remembers who you are and interacts consciously with your Soul. The Soul has direct access to the unlimited Universe. The Kid can create just as powerfully as the Adult, but she only has access to what will keep her safe and secure, help her survive, and monitor the goodwill of other people.

As a result, she is extremely limited in what she can create because it MUST fulfill that criteria. Since the Adult already knows you are the Divine incarnate walking the earth, this aspect is not encumbered by the insecurities and fears that drive the Kid. The Adult creates from and entirely different paradigm, one rooted in the absolute knowledge the Universe supports you every second of every day and that everything that happens, happens for you (not to you).

Lifting the veil of the Kid’s illusions and fears breaks her grip on your life and allows you to access the unlimited potential available as a fully aware and empowered Adult.

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