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Essie Silvers

Practical Spirit-Led Consulting

Essie Silvers

Recognizing the Divinity in everyone, I access the spiritual dimensions of reality and strive to empower you to connect to Divine Intelligence. 


As an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor and Akashic Records Consultant, I meet you where you are and help you transcend the wounds of the past and fears of the future. I help you reclaim your innate power and create the life you authentically want, bringing a sense of peace and purpose to the process of transformation and transcendence.


I have developed the "Who's Running Your Life?" program--a simple and clear road-map to authentic empowerment. It offers insights and specific tools to manage the obstacles you face as you put the experiences of your past into a context that helps you build the life you want. 


I am an author, healing practitioner, conscious channel, storyteller, mentor, business/organizational/team-building consultant, teacher, group facilitator, and motivational speaker. I offer private sessions (in person or via video/phone), group experiences, training, retreats, and mentoring programs.


Essie Silvers




Connect with Universal source for information, healing, guidance, and a profound sense of your authentic self.  Receive direct guidance from your Spirit Guides and the Guardians of your Akashic Records related to any area of your life or work. 

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Explore the power and

life-changing options available as you embody your Divine nature and reclaim your most authentic power.  Create the life you want from a place of deep knowing and strength, completely supported by the forces of the Universe that embrace you with love and compassion.

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Take the guess work out

of business planning.  

Go to Source.  Ask specific questions about the purpose and direction of your business.  From day-to-day operations to strategic planning to succession planning, connect directly with the spirit helpers guiding your business for guidance and support manifesting your intentions.



Imagine there comes a time in your life when you begin to remember…


Slowly, your life comes into focus.  It is like someone turned a light on in the room and the things that have made you afraid and confused loosen their grip and stop controlling your life.   You put the experiences of your past into a useful perspective and you begin to live knowing you are Divinely supported and guided at all times.


How might your life be different when that happens?  How might your relationships change?  How might your work be more meaningful and joyful?  How might you experience all the joys of life?


Remember who you are.  Live, love, and work in ways that nourish your Divine nature.


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